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The German Law Archive publishes cases, statutes and literature on German Law in the English language, helps you to find cases, statutes and literature on German law, and allows you to exchange thoughts on German law through its discussion forum
Law Web Saarbrücken: “Law Web Saarbrücken” is a project coordinated by the the Institute of Law and Informatics (Institut für Rechtsinformatik) and is based at Saarland University (Universität des Saarlandes). From this page, English-speaking users are able to navigate around the project and take advantage of this comprehensive portal into contemporary legal affairs from Germany and around the world. The focus of the project is the application of computer technology in law, as well as the legal implications of information technology in society. The site also offers a broad overview of interesting articles or websites, making it an essential starting point for anyone with an interest in the law.
Of particular interest to English speakers are Link of the Week and News. Both items deal with current occurrences in the legal world that are selected by the Editorial team.
The German Law Journal: Interesting for legal scholars.